Borrow instantly
against any NFT
The safest way to borrow against Real-World Assets, Token Streams and any kind of NFT.




Our industry-unique Risk Framework minimizes liquidation risk. The protocol has been audited by award-winning ethical hackers.

Fair LTV

Fair LTV

Individual appraisal of each NFT, combined with our data science model, delivers the highest and safest Loan-To-Value rates in the market.

Instant Loans

Instant Loans

Skip the wait and lender agreements and secure an open-ended loan instantly at the best rates. Repay on your terms, no rush here.

Best Interest Rates

Best Interest Rates

We reinvest idle liquidity into AAA DeFi protocols via maxAPY protocol, ensuring superior interest rates for borrowers and lenders.

Best conditions

BAYC #4605
BAYC #4605
Floor Price31.05 ETH
Last sale121.5 ETH
Valuation27.72 ETH
Available to borrow20.54 ETH
Interest rate7.91% APR
Valuation31.81 ETH
Available to borrow19.08 ETH
Interest rate23.61% APR
Valuation26.95 ETH
Available to borrow16.17 ETH
Interest rate11.85% APR

Use Cases

  • Real World Assets

    Bridge the tangible and digital. Borrow against tokenized real estate, luxury items or collectibles with the lowest interest rates.

  • Token Streams

    Unlock tomorrow's income, today.Borrow against future cash flow, tokenized payroll, airdrops or grants for immediate liquidity.

  • Gaming

    Game now, pay later: instant purchases and flexible payments, or borrow against the items you already own without pausing your play.

  • PFPs

    Leverage your digital identity with individual trait-based appraisal. Unlock liquidity without parting with your favorite avatars.

  • Art

    Celebrate and capitalize on your collection. Access funds by borrowing against your art pieces, without sacrificing ownership or display rights.


  • Gabby Dizon Co-Founder & CEO at YGG

    "Unlockd will help providing opportunities to key players and contributors, improving efficiency and minimizing idle assets, supporting geographical expansion and developing new subguilds"

    Gabby Dizon
    Co-Founder & CEO at YGG
  • Renz Chong Co-Founder & CEO at BreederDAO

    "GameFi is a movement that has positively impacted millions of lives and will continue growing. The Unlockd x BreederDAO partnership will drive financial inclusion and democratize access to top-quality NFTs"

    Renz Chong
    CEO at BreederDAO
  • Joe Josua Co-Founder at Metasports

    "Through this partnership, Metasports will provide their partners exclusive access to Unlockd lending tools, enabling them to scale their operations and obtain liquidity from the assets they already use in P2E competitions We are excited to help rewarding the best players in the market"

    Joe Josua
    Co-Founder at Metasports
  • Peter Ing Co-Founder & CEO at Blockchainspace

    "We will be integrating Unlockd’s NFT-backed lending solution within our suite of services, enabling BlockchainSpace guilds and players to seamlessly get additional liquidity for their play-to-earn needs"

    Peter Ing
    CEO at Blockchainspace


Background Cone
Donut Background

Unlockd takes all necessary precautions to protect our users data and assets. World-class security engineers and award-winning ethical hackers have provided us with an objective assessment of the protocol and audited every potential weak point.

We collaborate with Immunefi on a continuous Bug Bounty program, offering rewards of up to $20,000 for the discovery and reporting of any vulnerabilities. This proactive approach keeps our protocol fortified at all times.